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How to start blogging for free and make money by blogging 2021

How to start blogging for free and make money by blogging

Are you are interested in knowing how to start a blog for free and how you can start a professional-looking blog for free of cost, Then you are at the right place. 

In this article, we will learn how to start a professional-looking blog free of cost and how to share it with your friends and family and even with the world.

This is a step-by-step guide to be successful in your blogging journey.

How to start blogging for free and make money by blogging

How to start blogging for free and make money by blogging

Blogging is a platform to showcase your talent and make money out of it.

start blogging for free and make money by blogging
Blogging for free

Blogging is a vast field there are a lot of ways by which you can start blogging. In recent times Blogging has got its roots around society. there are a lot of people who are blogging in their free time and making an impact on the world.

currently, there are a lot of websites where you can start your free blog with a professional look.  These blogs will let you pursue your hobby and share it with the world.

The thing is not over here, the real thing is that you can monetize your hobby or you can monetize your blog and make a lot of money with it.

In my Blogging career, I have seen many people who are earning a lot of money because of blogging.  in this blog post, I will let you know how you can set up your free blog and you can also make a lot of money with your free blog.

To start your free blog you need to have the following things

  •         Blog niche or Topic.   
  •      The domain  name of the blog
  •          Hosting Selection
  • .       Connection of domain and hosting
  • .        Adsense to earn money

So let's jump to these topics and make your first free blog for free.

1. Blog niche or Topic

To start a blog, first of all, you need to know what topic you are going to start the blog. You can start a blog about your hobby, passion, interest, profession, or something you have knowledge of.

Blogging topics should be chosen wisely. Because it is the topic we are going to write.

start blogging for free and make money by blogging
Start your free blog on blogger

2. The domain name of the blog

Then you need to figure out what should be the name of your blog. Which is also called the domain name. The name of your blog describes the subject or niche of your blog.

A domain name is the web address of your blog.

Where to buy a domain name

There are a lot of companies that provide domain name registration. most of them are charging money for this.

But there are certain companies that provide free domain names where you can get your domain name for free and start blogging for free.

There is a lot of domain extension named .com .Net .org, .us, .in, .xyz, etc you have to select one out of your choice then you can purchase it. If you want to purchase it then you can do so on websites such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc.

In case you don't want to purchase it and want to have a free domain name then I will suggest you go to blogger and get your free domain name.  this free domain name will be suffixed with  but before that, you can prefix your name.

For example, suppose you are Andrew you can have your blog name with subject to its availability.

Apart from blogger, there are a lot of websites that also provide free domain names like and but I will suggest you go with a blogger because it is a product of Google and it will leave us with a lot of choices on their platform.

Now you have purchased your blog name or the domain name or got it free from the above-mentioned steps. this is the first required thing in the blogging field.

Pro Tip: How to get a great domain name with minimum cost.

3. Hosting Selection

The second thing or the second step in the blogging field is to purchase hosting. 

Hosting is a platform or server where you will host your domain name and the content of your blog.

Again there are a lot of companies that are providing hosting services like Bluehost, big rock, Godaddy, etc but all of these companies charge a lot of money to host our blog on their servers. These companies charge money every year from you.

But I will show you can buy hosting for free of cost. it will let you host your blog for free for a lifetime where you will not have to pay a single penny for it.

The place where you bought your domain is a blogger. Blogger is the same platform you will get the hosting for free. I will recommend you to go with it because it's a Google product.

But remember, in free hosting, there is a certain limitation.  in blogger hosting also you may face little limitations, but you are getting it for free. So it's worth that.

4. Connection of domain and hosting

Now since you have purchased your domain name and you have purchased your hosting. it's time to connect your blog name or domain with hosting.

On the bloggers' site, it is done automatically without any effort. But if you have purchased your domain and hosting from a third party, you will have to connect it through the Cpanel of your hosting company.

For the blogger blog, it's already connected.

Bingo, you have created your free blog.

Now it's time to start writing content on your topic.

Just start writing your blog enjoy the process.

5. Adsense to earn money

AdSense is a platform that will assist you to make money from your blog

If you will keep on writing content on your blog regularly, there will be a certain time after which Google will ask you to connect your domain name with AdSense.

If you Connect your blog with AdSense then you will start generating revenue from Google and it will be transferred to your bank account every month.  the minimum payout for this 100 USD

All these things will let you rank your blog in the Google search directory and when people will search for some word or some phrase then your blog will appear.

Once you reach the 100 USD benchmark in your AdSense, Google will send this money to the bank account which you will link to our AdSense account.  this process takes up to 25 days and we will start receiving the money every month in our bank account like in a job.
start blogging for free and make money by blogging
free blog setup

So this is the whole process of starting a blog for free. This whole process for setup and writing your first blog is simple and free. it’s a platform where you can show your talent, hobby, and interest. It’s a platform to share your thoughts, skills, and knowledge with the world.

Now your blog is ready. write content on it, bring traffic, and earn a lot of money from it.


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