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5 Pro Tips to Buy a Great Domain Name - Blogging Radar

Top 5 Pro Tips to Buy a Great Domain Name - Blogging Radar

A domain name is the first and most important thing to start blogging. So there are certain pro tips to buy a great domain name.

A domain name is also considered as the name of your blog or the brand name of your blog. Even it is also true that domain name is the only thing that defines your success or failure in blogging.
tips to buy a great domain name
tips to buy a great domain name

A good domain name can lead you to have a successful blog which can also lead you to get thousands of free traffic using SEO. And remember, blog name plays a vital role in SEO.

A good domain name can also lead you to make your blog as a brand in a longer-term by which you can be benefited from all aspects of your life.

In Earning revenue from Google AdSense also, the blog name is an important role player.

That's why choosing a blog name is so much important. Let's know the most important things you must have in your mind before selecting a domain name.

1. Extension of Domain Name

The extension of a domain name is one of the most important role players. There are various extensions for a domain name . for example .com, .net, .org, .us, .in, .uk, .info etc. There are some top-level domains also known as TLDs. The top-level domains are recognized worldwide and are SEO friendly and traffic friendly. Top TLDs are .com, .net, .org etc

In case your content is country-specific you can go for that country domain extension. If your customers are from the UK only, you can go for a .uk domain extension. For India, you can go for a .in domain extension.
For example, my blog is a TLD domain with a .com domain extension so its

2. Name of Domain

The domain name is the second most important thing which is to be taken care of while selecting a domain name.

The name must be Related to your nature to the niche of your blog. Domain name suggests about your blog niche or the topic of the domain.

we must make sure that the domain name is simple and rememberable also.

For example,  my blog is about blogging and SEO so my blog name is The main niche or moto of my blog is blogging, hence blogging is available in my blog name.
Similarly, if you have a tech blog you can use tech, technology, code, coder, etc in the blog name.

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3. Use of numbers and special characters

This is the third most important thing which you must consider while purchasing a domain name.
Blogs or websites which are having special characters and numbers are slightly less likely to be more popular than the blog name which is not having that.
So you must take care that your blog is not having a character in numbers as far as is possible for you. for example, blogforyou is a  better domain name then blog4you or blog-for-you. 

4 Shorter domain name

Blogs and websites Which are having a shorter spelling are more likely to be ranked and remembered.
All human beings want to know small things only. we all want to remember smaller words.
smaller domain names are more likely to be ranked in Google and also have an edge while monetization.

Google is also trying to rank the domain names and websites which are having a smaller name. 
For example, is more likely to be ranked in Google then

5. Never buy Trademark Domains;-

one should never buy a domain name which includes Trademark name in it.
If there is a company that is already registered on the name of the trademark, then you should never ever buy a domain name on the trademarked name.
Even if you buy a domain on the name of the trademark, the company can file a complaint against your blog name and will be blocked.
For example, WhatsApp is a company that is also having a Trademark on its name. If I get a domain name just like  then it will be an infringement of Trademark rules of WhatsApp. At any point in time, WhatsApp can Ban our site using a complaint. so it should be taken care of meticulously.  

 So these are the most important things which you should take care while purchasing a domain name.

Remember domain is a property and should be chosen very wisely. you should take care of all the important tips to increase the value of your property.

So make sure you keep these things in your mind while selecting and buying a new domain name. These points will make you choose an outstanding blog name that will be easy to rank in search engines.

I have also told you the best way to set up a blog and earn money by your blog here, make sure you read it. 

Have an amazing blogging journey.


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