Blogger vs WordPress in 2024 - Which is Better for SEO, Traffic & Money

Blogger vs WordPress in 2024 - Which is Better for SEO, Traffic & Money



When a person starts a blog, he has a lot of options available on the internet to start his blog. Like
tumbler etc

But almost 99 percent of blogs of the world are made either on blogger or on WordPress.
So the ultimate debates come to blogger vs WordPress for starting a blog in terms of SEO, traffic, and Money.

Blogger vs WordPress - Which is Better for SEO, Traffic & Money

Blogger vs WordPress in 2024 - Which is Better for SEO, Traffic & Money

If you are also searching for a perfect reply about the best platform to start a blog. Then,  welcome to this detailed review where you will learn which platform is the best to start your blog and why? I have considered all the factors to conclude.

So let us start...

Table of Content

  • Intro
  • Platform
  • Investment
  • Setup
  • Customization
  • Extra Features
  • Adsense
  • SEO
  • Blogger to WordPress migration
  • Google Problem
  • Blogger vs WordPress conclusion


The first thing which comes in mind is which platform is better. So let us clear it here.
when it comes to the price, both of these platforms are free.

Take it, blogger of Google or WordPress,  both of these platforms are free to use.
blogger is a platform of google which is free to use for all the users. is also an open-source platform and it doesn't charge any money to install its script on your blog.but you will need to pay for hosting charges for WordPress.
When it comes to ease of use blogger is much easier to use even for a newbie.

The Google Platform,  the blogger is capable to handle a heavy traffic and with optimum security.

Whereas in WordPress if you are using shared hosting, your blog can handle limited traffic. If you want more traffic, you will need to go for dedicated hosting.
So Blogger is better in terms of platform, server speed, and security.


Like every business, blogging is also business.

The first thing you have to buy is a premium domain name if you want to do blogging seriously. A domain name is a must for both of these platforms whether it is blogger or WordPress.

5 Pro Tips to Buy a Great DomainName 

The platform of Google, the blogger is free to use and it doesn't charge any money from you. All your content will be hosted on the servers of Google. and yes, google is so generous that it doesn't charge any money for its servers! You can get a lot of SEO friendly template for blogger for free.

Whereas if you go for WordPress you will have to pay some charges for hosting and for a theme.

When its traffic will increase you will have to upgrade your hosting plans and eventually the prices will also increase.


When it comes to setting up for the blog blogger is much easy than WordPress.

For Blogger if you have a Gmail account, you can log in to blogger with your Gmail account and create your blog in minutes.

Whereas in the case of WordPress,  you will have to buy the hosting then you will have to install WordPress and then themes and other plugins which you have to do with WordPress.

So, there are a lot of Technical issues with WordPress installation.

In starting setup Google Blogger is easier to install and setup.


When it comes to customization or about the look of your blog and adding new features to your blog I would recommend that WordPress is much better than the blogger.

Blogger platform is hosted on an HTML script so you will have to have technical knowledge of coding to customize it. or else you need to wait for updates from google.

Whereas in WordPress if you have little knowledge about coding and HTML then also, you can and customize your blog by just installing widely available plugins.

Extra Features

If you want to add extra features in your blog then  WordPress is much easier than blogger

In a blogger, an extra feature can be added only when Google puts an update on it.

But whereas in WordPress you have a lot of options where you can just install important  plugins and then you are ready to have an extra feature.

So at this place, I think WordPress has an edge.


The ultimate discussion is about blogger vs WordPress for making money. Adsence is the primary source of making money for your blog.

When it comes to AdSense you must note that both AdSense and Blogger are the platforms of Google.  so here approval of Adsence is much easier.
you can even apply for Adsence from the blogger platform also. sometimes it can be approved on a free domain just like . also.

Whereas in WordPress,  your need to have a top-level domain to apply for AdSense just like .com .
net  .org , etc. you do not have an inbuilt option to apply for AdSense.

So, in terms of AdSense revenue and ease of application, the blogger is better.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

Many people ask me these questions, which is better to rank a post or blog whether its blogger or WordPress.

So here is the justified answer. it doesn't matter which platform you use for blogging.  both of these platforms are having their edge to rank on google search console.

If you write an SEO optimized detailed content then both these platforms will rank your content and you will get a lot of traffic on your blog.

Whereas in WordPress you have an edge where you have plugins like yeost SEO and Allin one SEO.  by using this type of plugins you will get notification what are the things you are missing in that post. you can rectify those mistakes and make your post SEO friendly.

But in blogger, there is no such plugins are available. you have to it all yourself.
you have an edge in WordPress.

Blogger to WordPress Migration

If you have started on blogger and in the future if you want to shift on WordPress, it is an easy process to shift.

You will have to buy a hosting, take a backup of all your blogs, and shift your blog on WordPress.

Google Problem

Blogger is a platform of Google. So google is having full control over your blog.
whenever there is a problem in a blog, Google has the authority to delete your blog without giving you notice.

I've seen one of my friends whose blog was deleted even when he was getting a a lot of traffic on his blog.

Whereas in WordPress you have control. if you have made a mistake, google can block that particular link only, not the whole blog.

So if you are serious about blogging and you want to have a career in it then I would recommend you use WordPress because you will have more control.

Blogger vs WordPress conclusion

In starting you should start with blogger as it is easy to use and it is a cheaper option too.

By the time you start to get traffic and your blog starts ranking in google Search results, you can shift to WordPress.

Although on the starting date it will be a little hectic for you to use WordPress but eventually, you will learn everything and it will be much easier for you to use WordPress.

This was my take on which one is better on Blogger vs WordPress.  so I have considered all the factors while considering which one is better of you. I hope you have gained a lot of information from it.
If you have gained any useful information from this article , let me know in comment section and share this article with your friends on social media.


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