7 Reasons Bloggers Are Not Making Money | Why Bloggers Fail To Make Money

7 Reasons Bloggers Are Not Making Money | Why Bloggers Fail To Make Money

Are you having a blog? Are you facing difficulty in making enough money from your blog? Or are you going to have a blog?

The first question which comes to the mind of the beginner blogger is whether this blog will be able to generate revenue for me or not.  In this blog post, I am going to resolve all these queries. Here I have listed 7 reasons bloggers are not making enough money or why the new bloggers fail to make money.

I have received a lot of comments on some of my blog post that we are not able to make money from the blogs.

Why Bloggers Fail To Make Money
Why Bloggers Fail To Make Money

I had also encountered some of the persons who are blogging for the last couple of years and still are not able to make money. This is the problem of new bloggers as well as some established bloggers as well. So I thought of having a complete blog post by which I can help you generate more money.

In this blog post, I am going to tell you what are the reasons by which bloggers are not making any money they are making very little money to survive from the blog.

At the same time, I am also going to tell you how to overcome all the six reasons and make sure you start making a lot of money out of your blog.

1.  Number Of Posts

The first question which I ask this type of people is how much content you are having on your blog.

There was a time when people used to say that if you write 5 to 10 posts then you will be eligible for AdSense approval. You have ads on your blog and you will start making a lot of money.

But my friend those days are gone now.  Now you have to have at least 30 to 40 quality posts on your blog.

If you have 30 to 40 quality posts on your blog then definitely there are high chances that you will start making money.

Quality content will definitely mean that you write the content which is at least having a length of around 1500 words.

Why have1500 words?  Because in these 1500 words you will be able to cover the whole keywords and answer all the queries in one blog post.

If you have at least 50 quality posts on your blog then definitely there are chances that you will start making a lot of money from a blog.

There are chances that you will start seeing some improvement on your monetization platform. Whether it is Google AdSense or any other affiliate program.

2. Thin Or Low-Quality Content

I have encountered some of the people who had complained that they are having written at least 30 to 50 blog posts but still, they are not getting the result.

When I look into their blogs then I came to know that the content which they had written there is having the thin quality or was low-quality content.

Low-quality content will mean that they have written posts that are having only 400 to 500 words in their whole blog post.

The other major mistake which I find is that they have completely or partially copied the content which is already present in the top 10 search results of that keyword.

You have to make sure that you do not copy the content from an already established site.  Even if it is required, do extensive research and reproduce the content in your own language.

So make sure that you do an in-depth study about your topic and its new content.  After analysis, you write a detailed post which is the length of at least 1500 to 1800 words. If you follow it in no time you will see that you are having your first $100 in your account.

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3. Do Not Rely Only on AdSense

I have seen many people who are blogging and they are relying only on Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is good but only relying on Google AdSense is not enough for you to make money.

You should join affiliate programs like Amazon affiliate or any other affiliate program. You can also go for other advertisement programs like 
media.net,  ezoic sovrn , etc.

There are chances that you will get better CPC and earnings from these advertisements networks than Google AdSense.

Even if it’s not better earnings then still have some earnings and you have some income from these ad networks.

In your blogging journey, you will come to know that there are many people who have not even enabled AdSense on their blog. They are earning a good amount of money from Affiliate marketing and selling their own courses through the blog.

4. Only Relying On Your Blog

I have seen many people who rely only on their blogs in the initial stages. They are complaining that the only blog they have is not making a lot of money.

So I will give you a practical solution to this big problem.

First of all, make sure that you treat your blog as a seed, not as any other thing.

A seed takes some time to grow into a tree and give fruits. 

Similarly, your blog will also take some time to grow into full-fledged money-making instrument.

In the initial days when your blog is new then there are fewer chances that you will suddenly start making a lot of money by this.

So you can use this as a seed and you can treat your blog as a portfolio by which you can start writing content for other people.  At the same time, you can start building websites for people.  By earning that money you start investing that money in your blog and eventually, your blog will grow like a tree.

 5. Wrong Niche Selection

This is something that is very important while you start blogging.

I have seen many people who have started blogging just by seeing other people. Without any knowledge, they jump into the blog categories like gadgets review, health & nutrition, and fitness, etc.

These are the broader topics. And there is already a lot of content available. So you'll have to go deep into it and make sure that you make a website that is a micro-niche blog. Then you make a complete blog or website around that micro-niche.

I have seen many people who are working exclusively on micro-niches and they are making a lot of money.

6. Diversification Of The Traffic

I have seen that there are some people who are relying just only on SEO for traffic.

Getting traffic from Google, being or Yahoo then it's not enough for you to survive in longer-term nowadays.

Nowadays I've seen people who are getting traffic from diversified sources like YouTube, social media, Quora, question, and answer on sites, Reddit, Pinterest, etc. To the surprise, they are getting a lot of traffic from these social media sites then they are converting this traffic into revenue and profit.

So make sure that you drive traffic from a lot of resources. Google is crawling each site every day you do not know which day your site will get on the number one page and you will start getting a lot of traffic and money out of these.

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7. Learn How To Monetize

this is the last and most important point to consider. There are many new bloggers who don't know exactly how to monetize their blog websites.

There are people who started their blog and just rely on AdSense.  And they say that I will make a lot of money through AdSense.

To their surprise, they either don't get approval from AdSense or they make very little money from AdSense.

So I would say there are hundreds of more opportunities by which you can make some money in your initial days.

You can go for other networks of AdSense like a 
media.net , ezoic, sovrn, etc. If you place ads using these sites then these sites will give you a better CPC than Google AdSense.  In the case of multiple ads serving companies, your blog will be reserved for the highest ad bidder, and eventually, you will be getting better ad revenue.

Apart from AdSense, you can go affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you will get a certain percentage of the sales. For affiliate, you can join Amazon affiliate or any other affiliate company.

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At the same time, I will also suggest you if you establish yourself somewhere in the industry then you start making courses. There are many people who sell their courses and make a handsome amount of profit.

So these are the 7 biggest reasons why bloggers are not making money or why the new bloggers fail to make money. These are the mistakes that people commit in their blogging journey.

So I have listed the solutions to these mistakes you can consider upon.

If you do it for at least a year then you will see that whatever efforts you are putting into your blog will start to show results and you will be making money from your blog.

Follow these 7 steps then definitely you are going to have a better chance to make money through your blog


Mukesh Chaudhary

Mukesh, the author of this blog is a professional blogger with the experience of 5 years in this vast field.


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